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About Arts2go

My Biography


Born in Kingston Jamaica, Lawrence came to live in New Haven, Connecticut in 1971, after his family migrated to the United States. While he had a strong interest in art since childhood, he began to pursue it seriously in 1984 with his studies at Paier College of Art. 

    Principally self–taught in water color and pastel painting techniques, Lawrence has extended his learning by taking on additional schooling at Southern Connecticut State University, where he continued his studies in Fine Arts, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts, a Master's of Science degree in Secondary Art Educations. Lawrence also holds an advanced degree in Educational Leadership from Quinnipiac University and currently teaches High School Art.

    In addition to pursuing a career as a professional painter, and Illustrator, Lawrence has taught art both in the public schools and in private studio classes for over fourteen years. He has been an artist–in–resident for the New Haven Public Schools, where he designed the cities “Kids first” logo; and has run his own arts service as a Fine Arts Painter and Photographer.  

Artist Statement



What fascinates me about the human experience is how, when faced with different elements and situations, we experience them in our own special way. This is what I strive to capture in my art; the unique humanity that is revealed in our every response and interaction with other people and with our environment.

      I am not as preoccupied with the physical feature or with facial expressions. Rather, the body language that reveal those wonderful human moments we come face to face with in our world.

     This is expressed using the formal elements of art: Line, Color, Shape, Texture and Value – bringing to life a narrative of compelling pictorial representations. 

My Inspiration


I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature and around the communities that I travel. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my work. My paintings honor what represents me - my Afro centricity.  I paint images from my experience of African American and Afro Caribbean culture. Showing vivid images of stories which represent the strength of our young men, and our women who are not afraid of their faith, beauty or their sexuality.